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 Hello Ev1, I am Strat (Stratagist)

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PostSubject: Hello Ev1, I am Strat (Stratagist)   Mon Jun 06, 2011 4:50 am

Thought i would take a moment to introduce myself as I am new to the forum. I am Stratagist but am called Strat for short. I am a bit older than most the average players but am really just a big kid at heart. Due to health/medical reasons i am pretty much a stay at home type person and occupy my time in game.

Strat is a cleric, HK lvl 117 and although I have and do play other classes, cleric is my prefered. It more closely models my real life personality as a helper.

I find the game more enjoyable when in a party with all or most classes working togehter, each serving the purpose of thier class/role. Successful completion of a mission/task through teamwork is such an awsome thing.

I am an easy going person and get along with most peeps and can role with most things. I do however believe there is a point at which a person needs stand up for what is right and can be quick to do so. The only time one might (and i emphasize might) see or hear a hard word from me is if a wrong has been committed that is serious enough to merrit a comment.
Immagine waiting patiently for that opportunity to kill a particular monster or boss and after spending MUCH time and having the kill almost completed, another peep(s) come allong and take the kill from you and score the victory. Yep, you guessed it, your apt to hear a hard word from me rofl. (yes us clerics with our abundance of killing power do kill swiftly and mightely COUGH COUGH)
Other than that what you most often would hear from me is "is there anything I can do to help"

Anyway, i have been observing guilds and the actions of the members and have found this guild most appealing. I was in FS when approached by a member and asked to concider this guild. I would be greatful for the opportunity to join and not only participate but contribute where needed.

Good Luck To All and Happy Gaming

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Hello Ev1, I am Strat (Stratagist)
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